Management of Operations

Performance Management

Organizational Twin Challenges:

·         Seen from the perspective of external survival, companies need to constantly monitor their competitive position and make sure that the formulation of strategic goals and standards will affect the desired changes to its relative standing in the industry.

·         Seen from the perspective of internal integration, companies need to ensure the achievement of operating goals and standards are synchronized, balanced and form a coherent manner  To ensure compliance with those standards and monitor the achievement of those goals, managers need the means to constantly monitor the performance of planning, coordinating and execution activities in the team network.

Our Capabilities:

·         We help clients in building a comprehensive (valid, reliable, timely, easy-to-use, accessible, and cost-efficient) performance measurement system. We have developed web-based performance management system called Performance Quotient (PQ).

·         We facilitate clients in formulating and cascading their key performance measures

·         We assist clients to maintain their focus on  “what really matters” to the CEO through the implementation of PQ software and monitoring performance system.

Enterprise Process Engineering

Organizational Twin Challenges:

·         Seen from the perspective of external survival, by standardizing these processes organizations enhance their effectiveness, which then lead to improvements in client satisfaction and their competitiveness.

·         Seen from the perspective of internal integration, organizations must prioritize the processes that have the most impact on their business results as measured by the key performance indicators, thus increasing efficiency across the board.

Our Capabilities:

·         We have a proprietary tools and techniques to review organization’s business, redesign and deploy process improvement at the level of task execution to achieve efficiency and effectiveness across the enterprise

·         We assist clients to promote and maintain cross-functional harmony by supporting decisions made with the empirical analysis of resources, performance and work load

Integrated Project Management

Organizational Twin Challenges:

·         Seen from the perspective of external survival, this solution keeps the organization‘s internal capacity and relative strength at a highly competitive level through optimal resource utilization.

·         Seen from the perspective of internal integration, this solution equips enterprises with a systematic solution that integrates portfolio of projects using the right processes, tools, and resources to generate the desired results on time, on budget and on scope.

Our Capabilities:

·         We emphasize on discipline in the management of projects. Our proprietary management technology manage and integrate projects to ensure the intended result is delivered. Our approach is tailored to meet the top management needs by providing effective governance and accountability, clarity of value delivered, completed WBS and recommendation for preventive and corrective actions.. A well implemented IPM will enabe companies to achieve its project objective as well as embed the capabilities to execute other project simultaneously.

We help clients to produce reliable information for executive decision making to support the execution of their strategic initiatives by employing appropriate ICT (information & communication technology) infrastructure.