Management of Strategy

Setting Business Direction

Organizational Twin Challenges:

  • Seen from the perspective of external survival, people need to be very clear about ensuring that they are going to bring the organization closer to its desired end-state in the face of competitors who will surely make an effort to see that they fail in the endeavor. They need to understand what changes in the competitive position, to pursue over a given period of time. On the other hand, people also need to be able to track their progress in bringing the organization closer to its desired end-state.
  • Seen from the perspective of internal integration, people need to share a sense of purpose that explains the underlying reasons for what they are doing. This common understanding of the business they are in, drives their thinking processes and determines what does and does not catch their attention. People need to a share a sense of destination of where their organization is headed.

Our Capabilities:

  • We have extensive experience in helping our clients shape their long, medium and short term strategy. We partner with our client to create executable strategic plans.
  • We offer a comprehensive, unique, tested and proven approach that integrates social/human-side and technical-side in facilitating strategy formulation in their planning process. Our solution approach is tailored to suit clients' condition and is driven by our experience and best practices.
  • We leverage our best practice using our proprietary management technology to help clients redesign, fine-tune and complement their strategic planning process.
  • We facilitate systematical and logical approach to plan, implement and evaluate your strategy. We probe, give insight and build a substantial discussion rather than fill-in the templates.
  • We help clients formulate their vision and mission. We incorporate a long-term perspective into their strategies, while focusing on the short-term to get it executed.
  • We facilitate clients to define desired end- and intermediate-states of enterprise development, determine the required changes in competitive position, and plan the change agenda for the organization as a whole as well as for each of its major functions.
  • We help clients to establish what people need to pay attention to during the strategy implementation and evaluation in order to forge cohesiveness around the shared goals set in the technical side, starting from the top and to cascade it through the managerial ranks

Function Management Strategy Alignment

Organizational Twin Challenges:

  • Seen from the perspective of external survival, function specialists need a sense of clarity on how and when their competencies are expected to contribute to the company’s success in the marketplace. They need to understand the timing and content of desired changes in competitive position so that their own development is in line with the other functions in the organization.
  • Seen from the perspective of internal integration, function specialists need to anchor a sense of purpose for their specific competencies to a unifying purpose that is shared across functions in the organization.