Our Mission

Our mission describes the reason for our existence. It says:

“To help management teams attain sustainable results and grow their businesses by providing advisory services that deal with both their social and technical issues

·         Attain sustainable results: The ultimate goal of a commercial, profit-seeking organization is sustainable profitability, not profitability per se. To attain a state of sustainable profitability, organizations need to have a built-in capability for sustainable self-transformation. This is true also for a non-commercial organization, the ultimate goal should be sustainable results. We exist to help our clients’ management teams attain sustainable results for their organizations.

·         Grow business: ‘Business’ comes from the word ‘busy’. Its ‘busy’-ness is what keeps an organization busy.   We exist to help our clients’ management teams grow the business of their organizations.

·         Advisory services: Each organization is unique. Each one needs a set of customized management consulting solutions and services. We have registered our own proprietary solutions in 60 countries through the Madrid Protocol and continue to develop new solutions. However, the solutions we provide to our clients are not limited to our proprietary solutions, rather we match them with the clients’ needs and requirements based on our tested survey and diagnostic tools.

·         Social and technical issues: Developing the capability for sustainable self-transformation demands a socio-technical approach that simultaneously increases both the internal and relative strength of the organization. We use the ‘Science of Management’ to resolve technical issues of the organization. We use the ‘Art of Leadership’ to resolve issues relating to the social side of the organization.