Corporate Culture Development

Belief System Deployment

Seen from the perspective of external survival, being able to proactively yet properly respond to the opportunities and threats that arise in its business environment require the organization to have a strong, consistent philosophy and mindset towards what they are going to do or decide upon.

Seen from the perspective of internal integration, a great number of organizations are facing the gaps between (a) the management philosophy – what they should be paying attention to – which represents what the organization considers important in terms of its people and the way they execute work, and (b) organizational culture – what they are (or are not) paying attention to today – reflected in the norms of behavior that currently exist. Orbexcorp Plan Values closes this gap, giving organizations a consistent philosophy that is reflected in their behavioral norms and culture.

We assist clients to articulate a management philosophy in terms of input, process and output values that is consistent with the espoused beliefs and principles necessary for success and to ensure that these values are instilled in the organization’s policies and systems.

We help clients to build up pride of membership and celebrate the shared values of the organization through appropriate communications, events and rituals.


Organizational Rhythm and Coordination

Seen from the perspective of external survival, consistent practice of the work performing cycle allows an organization to be proactively responsive to the rapid changes of the business environment through effective and efficient measures executed in an organized manner.

Seen from the perspective of internal integration, the solution maintains the process by ensuring that the work performing cycle is given equal importance with the achievement of results. If this is not properly executed, even good results will not be sustainable in the long run.

We help clients establish their organizational rhythm and coordination mechanism by implementing new work performing cycle called PCDCA (Plan-Coordinate-Do-Check-Action). We offer new perspectives of high potential on the essential coordination skills of planning and conducting meetings, negotiation, report writing and communication. We help clients to build the cadre of future leaders of the organization