Organization Development

Organization Design

People need to know their respective functions role and responsibility in contributing to the competitive change agenda, with whom, when and how they should cooperate in the outside environment.

Seen from the perspective of internal integration, quality people demand the highest degree of clarity when it comes to their areas of responsibility and the limits of authority that go with them. Quality people also need to know to whom they must be accountable to, and in what terms. To a large degree, their performance on-the-job will be affected by these levels of clarity.

We offer extensive experience and best practice in organizational design that suit the organization’s purpose. We help clients to analyze, design and assist in the deployment of primary and operating structures to implement the intended corporate, business and function strategies.

We establish common understanding of/and commitment to decisions reached concerning organization design.


Decision Architecture

As organizations become larger, they are segmented into separate units (corporate and divisions). Problems arise when these units have different understandings of the company’s goals, objectives and their respective contributions to them. They may be going in different directions and eventually may attempt to achieve their individual goals at the expense of the organization’s overall objectives. Our approach aims to minimize the drawbacks of this increasing fragmentation, while maximizing the benefits that decentralization brings.

We help clients to establish productive parenting styles as well as design and enforce the appropriate decision framework that balances the benefits and trade offs of decentralization.    Our decision-rights formulation approach allows clients to assign the right accountabilities to ensure that the chosen organization model works most effectively.

We facilitate clients to promote a shared perception of the decision-making process that promotes trust and harmony among executives of the corporate center and its subsidiaries.