QMLI (Quality of Management & Leadership Index)

What is QMLI?

The Quality of Management & Leadership Index measures and tracks organizational effectiveness, the collective personal effectiveness of an organization’s corps of manager-leaders. It is a simple but powerful tool for an organization to measure and manage its progress towards sustainable profitability. It is one of two indices that make up the Organizational Effectiveness Index from AndrewTani Research.


What We Believe

 The organization is all but a concept. You cannot shake hands with an organization. Neither can youdebate with an organization. What is real are the people who believe that they are part of an

organization. These people can be grouped into manager-leaders and staff. Anyone who is put in

charge of the work of others is a manager-leader.

The responsibility for achieving the organization’s goals rests on all manager-leaders. Sustainable

business results depends on how they manage work and how they lead people.

Organizational Effectiveness is the process and purpose driven capability of Manager-leaders to execute a sustainable and scalable business model with the agility, flexibility and efficiency to achieve optimum business results in the 21st century.

We believe results that are technical and human/social in nature never betray Process. Sustainable results demand the brilliant process of Plan-Coordinate-Do-Check-Act. The brilliant PCDCA Process is the fruit of brilliant management and leadership. Therefore sustainable results are actually the fruits of brilliant management and leadership.



Over a quarter century of research revealed 21 best practices to execute 10 key processes for quality of management, and 17 best practices to achieve 5 objectives for quality ofleadership, based on the parallel PDCA work cycles performed by the team leader and team members,

now called PCDCA, for Plan-Coordinate-Do-Check-Act. QMLi scores are built upon behavioral

conformance with the 38 best practices in the way of the manager-leader, to wit, manage by head, lead by heart to build winning millennial teams.

What you can do with QMLi to attain sustainable profitability and growth :

· Identify areas of high effectiveness and high inertia in your organization.

· Prioritize interventions where they are needed the most to achieve optimum sustainability.

· Understand underlying mindsets and behavior patterns that impact personal effectiveness when    building winning millennial teams.

· Periodically track effectiveness to ensure progress towards optimum sustainability.

· Periodically track personal effectiveness to empower your role models

· Develop the best solution by drawing on our deep understanding of the Indonesian psyche.  

· Benchmark your progress against other organizations in our database.

· Gain important, often unexpected, insights identified by our analysts with experience across    many organizations and industries in Indonesia, specially banks, government agencies,    diversified business conglomerates and state-owned enterprises.