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About us

Who We Are


 AndrewTani & Co. is a management consulting firm that specializes in the disciplines of organization development, the...

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Our Philosophy


People are not driven entirely by logic, nor are they driven entirely by emotions. The interplay between these two facets of...

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Why Are We Effective?


 We perceive our role as partners who deliver value to our Clients. In the event that our services do not accomplish that promised...

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Discover Our Services

DIgital Mindset

What really is the digital mindset? management consulting digital transformation consultant corporate culture consultant

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Digital Transformation

The ongoing research has helped us create a unique perspective on the digital mindset, which any digital transformation exercise...

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Digital Teams

Idea meritocracy for agile teams is a must. Our Digital Teams learning experience is designed to build a team performance...

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 The Quality of Management & Leadership Index measures and tracks organizational effectiveness, the collective personal...

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Corporate Culture

Seen from the perspective of external survival, being able to proactively yet properly respond to the opportunities and...

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Organization Development

 People need to know their respective functions role and responsibility in contributing to the competitive change...

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